where do i get the solid works software

i am very much interested in learning the solid works software ..but i dont know where to get it..so pls help me..and also i want the installation guide..
thank u

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2 Answers

SolidWorks has a student version: http://www.solidworks.com/sw/education/student-software-3d-mcad.htm
It has some limitations, but it is a good option for students looking to learn the software.

You can also install SolidWorks, and it will run for ~30 days without a license. After 30 days the software will fail to start. The tricky part will be getting the installation files. You'll need the DVD, or the downloaded files, but to download the files, you need a maintenance account on the SolidWorks site, and you'd only have one if you already have the software.

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If you can prove that your a student, go to academicsuperstore.com

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