Where in the specification tree in CATIA is it best to add material?

I am currently working on a rather large Project in CATIA. The product has many sub-assemblies, parts and bodies. I want to add a material to the product and I have noticed I can add material either to the product, to individual parts in a product, or to individual bodies in a part. Is there a difference between these methods? Is one of these more effective than the other?

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2 Answers

Add materials according to your design requirement.
As you have mentioned, you want to give the whole product one material, So, try to give material to each individual part. So, that if in future you want to modify material of a part in your assembly, then it would be easier. Else you need to remove material from the product and then apply the new material to your one single part and the old material to all other parts one by one.
So, prefer giving material to one part at a time.

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You are not supposed to add the material for products. You have to add the material details in parts file itself. If you add in product then the whole part would be consider as single material.

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