Where to Buy Mag Springs

I'm looking to see where i could buy magazine (firearm) springs

I'm not exactly sure what its name is.

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3 Answers

It seems like and old kind a spring. Here is a spring catalog what i use :)

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Spec the spring you would any other spring - by the type, wire gauge, and other measurable properties. Checkout mcMaster.com as a first place to try (if in states, not sure outside).

If it is a truly special 'magazine spring' - you may have to find a comparable product with aftermarket or replacement OEM parts to use or adapt.

Springs R Springs.

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I tried McMasters, because they don't have it that's why i'm asking for alternatives. And no, i'm not looking for something as specific as the Lee Springfield mag spring, just a general rectangular compression spring,

The picture i found was just so happens to match my liking :P

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