Which 3D CAD has the best 2D drafting?

In many cases using a 2D sketch to create a 3D model to then just make a 2D drawing is slower than just creating a 2D drawing on its own. It is also often faster to create a 2D detail instead of updating the model just to create the view.

So what I would like is software where I can create the basics of the view from the 3D model, and then draw over the top of it with the details I need, and have the lines etc associative to any edges from the 3D model that are used.

I currently use Inventor and have previously used Solidworks and find that the 2D drawing tools arent very good when it comes to quickly adding some trivial detail (they are fine for just creating views and adding dimensions and notes though)

As an example say I have a frame assembly and I just want to show a bracket in the corner. Rather than create a 3D bracket, insert into assembly, add mates, regen the views, I just want to be able to draw the bracket in the drawing view and label it. Much faster.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what software does this the best.


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MCAD people take pride of producing software that links and associates its 2D files with their 3D counterparts. In Solid Edge, you can right click on the 2D drawing and remove all associations and the file becomes flat. Then you can edit, add or remove new lines. But this method doesn't allow you to re-associate the 2D with its 3D parent. I have learned that one has to spend time to learn how to trick the software to do what he wants it to do.

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Thank you for sharing the link. I have been a Solid Edge user since 1999 and a SolidWorks user since 2003 - check my profile. I like Parasolid - you folks are right about the choice of the geometry engine. I downloaded and installed SolidFace. You are still in Beta. Sorry, but who in is the person responsible for bringing back the 1980's interface/GUI? Fire him NOW. The package has a good potential - yet it seems to me that you are ALL programmers and no PRACTICING Mechanical engineers has been consulted. Good luck ... and, Dear Sarah it's illegal to spam here in GrabCAD.

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