Which combination of tire sizes is better? - Related to Vehicle Dynamic Fundamentals

Hello Guys,

I know this not related to Design, it's simply related to the basic fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamic Engineering.
Most of the time I am noticing that motorcycles and scooters are having different tire sizes, and sometimes both are same.
could Anyone explain me please, what are the pros and cons of both cases? And which combination is better?

Thank You

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Good question. I've always seen the smaller wheels, but never wondered why they are used so often on scooters.

There is a discussion on the topic at this site: http://www.beginnerbikers.org/showthread.php?473-Why-do-scooters-have-small-wheels

I did not read past the first page, but it looks interesting. I'm not sure if anyone there is an "expert" in the matter, but they have some ideas that sound reasonable.

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