which file do i place the model i downloaded for solidworks?

im pretty new to solidworks so i dont know where to place the model i downloaded so if i could get some help

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Well i downloaded a model (a spring model) but i dont know where i need to extract it, which folder should i place the model ?(like in solidworks corp or somewhere else)

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It depends of your assembly structure. If you have a sub-assembly where the spring should be, than put it there. If you don't know from beginning how your structure will be, that's not a problem, you can start with one big assembly and after you figured out the appropriate structure, than can you reorganize with "drag and drop" (in the tree) the entire assembly. That's a very comfortable way to work if you are not sure how your structure will evolve, sometimes it's necessary to reorganize an assembly in two or more welded sub-assemblies and finally they will be screwed together.

I hope my answer match your question.

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