Which formula should I use to find 0.0108?

applying a R.020 on a 66° angle what formula would I use to fine the material removed in "x" (0.0108). I am aware I can do it on CAD, would like to "Math" it out.

I will be changing the angle and Fillet rad all the time.

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First, thanks for the brain workout, I couldn't get it yesterday but came in fresh today and banged it out.

We'll be solving for "D", which represents the dimension you're looking for.

Variables are:
"r" for the arc radius
"y" for the arc angle


D=[r x tan(90-(y/2))]-r

I don't know how to input it into excel, so good luck with that. Gotta admit, I'm feeling pretty groovy after figuring it out. I tend to avoid the maths as much as possible, har har!

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What about solving the area of the green triangle, then deleting the area of the overlapping red circle?
I'm sure there is some really smart way to solve it with Calculus, but I'd use a circle and triangle... Actually, I'd solve it in CAD.

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I was hoping to make an Excel sheet our inspectors could use to "fill in" the angle and rad to solve for X.

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