which is best the software molds designing and flow analysis ?

Hello friends,
I am studying tool designing, i have more interest to learn the plastics mold and its behaviors, i am so curious about learning more mold designing, so suggest me a better software for mold designing.
I am somewhat good in creo parametric !!!
looking for yours valuable suggestions...

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2 Answers

For design, the software should be able to import the typical 3d model output types i.e. step, iges and be able to work with them (scaling for shrink, boolean functions, etc),

It should also have good 'library' capability since all plastic molds will require common parts as part of the design. Springs, bushings, coolant fittings, soc. hd. cap screws, and many other 'off the shelf' parts are used every time.

Beyond that, there's not a lot of bells-and-whistles necessary for tool design since all the "stylistic" geometry will be coming from the part to be molded.

For designing I'd say your creo should be fine, or solidworks, or any of the other primary players.

I couldn't tell you which is the best for mold flow, but it's probably not the same software as the 3d design tool as that is a very specialized analysis.

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Ansys is ever best for mold analysis and optimisation.

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