Which is more convenient SolidWorks 2012 or 2011?

I wonder which is more convenient SolidWorks 2012 or 2011?
I received SolidWorks 2012 about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but I have installed only a week ago.

Of course they are taking up space on the disk.

The question is..., what percentage users are in GrabCad that can open 2012? I keep sending 2011 format.

Is there any advantage for users, or is it better to uninstall 2011?

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If you need to collaborate with people or companies that still use the 2011 keep that one functional. I'm still on 2010 because it still has everything I need and as long as the SP 1.0 for 2012 (minimum) doesn't appear, the other companies I work with, will not change from 2010 release. To be compatible with someone you have to be compatible... If you're the one calling the shots, then, you use whichever you find to be more functional, easier to use, better for you. I'm fine with 2010.

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