Which is more economic and time saving ,, to design a sliding core to create that 6 mm hole undercut,, or to drill it after casting ?

This part is an aluminum shaft supporter. I am trying to create a HPDC mold for it. I am differentiating between either creating the undercut with a sliding core in the HPDC process or to drill the hole after the part is cast. Needless to say, considering the economic aspect and DFM.

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probably the slider will be faster (and economical) in the long run, as long as the production quantity is high. Are there other machining operations to be done after the casting?

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I agree with Jack, but I'm most familiar with injection molding and not die casting.
For the HPDC process, should there be draft on the part so it releases from the mold?
Shrinkage of the material could also lead to distortion. If it needs to be very precise, most of the holes and bores may need to be machined after casting..

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it is depends whether your 6 mm hole undercut need a specific criteria of surface roughness or is it just a hole ? if its required a specific criteria of surface roughness then make it plain with no hole i suggest. But if there will be no shaft nor pin to be put in that 6 mm hole than add the sliding core to prevent another process with another human with another machine with another fixed costs with another time. thank you

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