which is more important?

which is more important to make the rendering in solidworks faster?
-the Graphics card
-the Processor
-the RAM

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SolidWorks will fully utilize all of your processor's cores whether you have 2 cores or 64. It is the only computation in SolidWorks that shows no diminishing returns when you continue to add cores.

The way to make a rendering go faster is to either add more cores or overclock your current processor.

Higher speed ram will probably help a little, but it probably won't be noticeable. Just make sure you have enough RAM, usually 8gb should be the minimum in your system.

The graphics card does nothing in a photoview render, so changing this won't help at all. There are some rendering programs that use GPU compute, but Photoview 360 is not one of them.

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The processor. The more cores the better.

I think the graphics card is only relevant for 'real view' graphics and displaying the model as you work on it. Rendering is an entirely different process.

Computers don't run out of RAM when rendering so I doubt that massive amounts of RAM would help.

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The most importent component is the grafik card. There are special cards for CAD like nvidia quadro or ati fire gl. These cards have optimized drivers.
You can find a list of certificated hardware here


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