Which is the Best FEA ( Finite Element Analysis) software?

There are lots of fea softwares like ansys, abaqus, nastran, cosmos etc.
I need to know the best fea software
1.based on user interface
2.based on performance
3.based on academic and industrial usage

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actually, what exactly do you want to do and find?
if you are new to the FE world, and just want to know what the weakest area of a link, or beam, then COSMOS is your best friend. it is easy to use and gives you pretty pictures where if its red, its bad, blue, good.

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I cannot answer your question. The first thing that you should be known is " what do you want to do with FEA and then choose a suitable software for your job. I agree with serVando diaz that COSMOS is your best friend for starting in FEA and its cost is affordable.The another software such as ADINA is good ones. However If you want to analysis more advance such as nonlinear , I choose MARC.

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To compare functionality, there's a good summary at http://feacompare.com It doesn't say much about academic or industrial usage but has lots of details.

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A good way to start is following our ANSYS step-by-step tutorials at :
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For general use, I recommend Mecway (http://mecway.com). It has a very visual user interface and can solve large (million node) models over all common types of analysis such as elasticity, heat flow, buckling, vibration, transient, etc. You can also import CAD files quite easily or construct a mesh with its modeler.

It's based on code which mostly used in industry but also by some universities for teaching.

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If you are not sure what software is good for you, you can simply test it. I just found one nice software that allows to test the software directly online for 4 different application: structural, thermal, optimization and CFD ! You can visit this page to check it out: www.midasNFX.com/FEA

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I can strongly recommend SimScale (www.simscale.com). It is a cloud-based tool where simulations can be set up on a browser and the simulation runs on the cloud. It does not need the hassle of licenses or installations. It allows structural, fluid and particle simulations.

SimScale offers a free version where one can get up to 3000 hours for computing. For the free version, the projects created are publicly available. However, if one would like to keep your project private, a professional version is also available. There is also a two-week free trial for the professional version of the platform.

The SimScale tutorials and materials provide easy to understand materials to help with usage of SimScale platform. In addition, you can explore the public projects database, where there are loads of projects already available. You can also write on their forum for help and assistance and they are quite active there too.

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WELSIM is a new simulation software program that enables you to conduct 3D finite element analyses with more confidence and less cost. You can visit this page to check it out https://welsim.com. A screen capture of WELSIM is attached here.

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WaveFEA (http://www.wavefea.com) is the best tool for analysis. It combines Solidworks with Autodesk Nastran into one powerful FEA solution.

We can create our models, assign the material properties, mesh the model and apply the boundary conditions in an easy to use interface. After solving in Nastran you have wide range of advanced post processing options to see the results. If you need to change the design of the model based on the FEA results, you can quickly get back to your design and modify it. Once the cad modification is done, we can update the mesh with the same boundary condition and run again.

WaveFEA solves models meshed with high density of elements easily. You can also open multiple windows to carry out the multiple analysis.

Click here the link below for more details:

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The FEATool Multiphysics Matlab FEM Toolbox (www.featool.com) is very easy to use with the GUI design. Also you can save GUI models as script files in both Matlab m-file format and export to other FEA solvers such as FEniCS.

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