Which is the best PDM or PLM Software?

Can anyone help me out in this one? examples will be worth..

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Existing data management solutions clearly aren't working for most engineers. Fewer than 40% buy expensive PDM/PLM systems, and many report that they are not happy with what they implemented. Those without specialized systems waste endless hours redoing work and sorting out file conflicts.

At GrabCAD, we repeatedly heard about these needs from our 900,000+ community members who already share over 200,000 CAD files on GrabCAD. They wanted us to add security, desktop sync, and a release process that didn't require a systems engineer and IT professional to implement. The result is GrabCAD Workbench, a collaboration tool that’s:
* As easy to deploy as Dropbox;
* As powerful as traditional PDM;
* Works inside and outside the firewall;
* More secure than email or typical file servers; and
* Most importantly, fun to use.

We hope you’ll take a look and tell us how we did!


(A product manager at GrabCAD)

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Of course, it depends what you mean by "best", and there's even some debate about the differences between PDM and PLM.

For simple file management, then your CAD supplier probably offers a file manager (for example, SolidWorks offers SolidWorks Workgroup PDM; Autocad uses Vault). Each supplier's environment understand its own proprietary file format and appears within the CAD program's UI. If your company uses only a single CAD and is primarily a mechanical design shop, these could be your best choice.

More general-purpose PLMs are for part, BOM & approved vendor source management; document revision control; engineering change workflow; coordination across ECAD, MCAD, software, product user docs, and other disciplines (like QA and marketing).
The "best" PLM depends on your priorities:
+ simple, easy to [install/configure/use] -or- enterprise features / complexity
+ whether you want to keep your product data on-site (control, performance, flexibility) -or- as SaaS (no hardware cost) Trade-offs are discussed here: http://www.buyplm.com/plm-software/best-plm-software-license-decision.aspx
+ licensing: subscription -or- perpetual / full-function -and- read-only

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Hands Down 4G PLM, Is Simple Powerful and affordable. I work for a Solidworks add on company called SolidPartners. We are an alternative to the high end/expensive PDM PLM systems. We mostly work with small to medium size companies as our PLM is only $50.00/month per user.

We also offer a Solidworks add in Parts library over 15,000 parts for $199.00

Here is a link to one of our plm videos

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