Which is the best software for jewelery designing?

Which is the best software for jewelery designing? Can Solidworks do it in a better way than Gemvision Matrix 6.0?

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as i know Matrix is really better than Solidworks in jewerly feild.im working for a company that makes the jewerly sketches to 3d model and we always work with Matrix.

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I know many jewelry designers and they use Rhino

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ArtCAM Jewelsmith Is Best in class when comes in to Jewelry Designs

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I am seeing more and more 3DESIGN Jewel CAD Software within the industry. You can have a look at their corporate website: http://www.gravotech.us it is part of a machine manufacturer, the Software division is called TYPE3. Rhino-Matrix was mentioned as well as ArtCam they are now more and more a "has been" solution, not that they are bad solutions but they no longer lead the development of feature for the jewelry business.

3DESIGN Software Solutions

3SHAPER Software Solution Sub-D

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For Jewellery Designing you can Search in Google... you will get good number of jewellery Designing Software list...to select..(Possibility to get free software)

and if you are searching for jewellery software than i would like to suggest WinGold Next (www.WinGoldNext.com)

Best Jewellery Software for Jewellery Industry.

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