Which is the best way to move a part along the X Y Z axis by a specified dimension?

I'm looking to move a part along the XYZ axis to show the movement of this part in various ways. I have tried to translate but this way is a little messy and ideally I'd like to quickly see the changes.

e.g. move 'Part1' 0.5mm along X axis - then move 'Part1' -1mm along Z axis


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Translate command is good for this. But if you dont like it, you will use "Axis System" command.

Here is the tutorial.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/which-is-the-best-way-to-move-a-part-along-the-x-y-z-axis-by-a-specified-dimension

dear take a point and make an axis system on that point and after that make part and give every dimension to that axis only and rotate or translate whatever u feel like ,it will go.

Thanks for the information!

But my Body is a collection of just isolated surfaces. Can I constrain these surfaces to the axis system I create?

James use point to point translate. It will solve your problem. Just create 2 point. Then use Translate command with point to point. Then just change second point coordinates.

Put the system Compas on your part, then click the part on the product tree so the desired move part is highlighted. Right click the compas and choose 'Edit'.
Now you can manipulate the part (rotate or translate) according to your desire measurement