Which is the most interesting domain among the plastics and BIW in catia V5

Initially I was working in plastic domain in catia V5 Recently i got job in another company to work on BIW In catia V5, so i am little confusing with these two so kindly suggest me 1:Which is the best one among them 2.Which domain offering best salary

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Actually, Both are good and interesting domains in their unique way.
Any way future of plastics in automotive is demanding and it has it's own advantages.
And BIW deals with sheet metal (skeleton of vehicle), and that can’t be replaced with plastics. It also has good demand.
Coming to salary part, both offers same pay considerably. And it depends on how much experience we have. In some parts BIW pays good slightly comparatively.
But we can find plenty of opportunities in automotive plastic product design. Whereas not in BIW.
Coming to catia v5 it’s just a tool. But it plays crucial role in complicated design (in surface modeling) which other tools cannot do it easily as catia does. And its costly and ever green.
Hopes helpful:)

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