which is the most suitable software in windows for a car modeling??

i have seen many cad softwares but couldn't use those all, now i want the best software which i can use for modeling and rendering and also as i am new to these things please tell me how to design own car in cad softwares

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I think it depends if you are pursuing a career in engineering or design.

If in engineering then you want Inventor, Solidworks, Catia. If a designer then 3ds Max or Blender and there's others.

The engineering software is harder to draw a car but more accurate

the designing software is easier to draw a car but not as accurate.

Do you want to draw cars just for the looks or for games? That is design. Or do you want to draw cars to eventually be involved in car manufacturing? That's engineering.

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The best software for car modelling would be Catia or Alias as they are masters @ surface modelling
but also SW is pretty good
go and have a look @
Mateusz Kliber

he does wicked models and there are also many more
that do wicked models with cars


I hope this helps but there are many wicked engineers on GrabCAD that know a lot about modelling cars I am sure if you do a search and find the ones that does do cars and surface modelling they will only be to happy to help you along the way

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