Which method works best when modeling on Solidworks, controlled sketch (modelling) or configured (modelling)?

My boss and l have two difference of opinions, he feels controlled sketch modelling is best and l think modelling using configurations is best. Problem is I've never really modelled using controlled sketches before, to me its just to much "rebuilts" and unresolved errors popping up everytime you open up a model which had no errors when you saved and closed it the last time. Everyones opinion would be appreciated. CONTROLLED SKETCH MODELLING VS CONFIGURED MODELLING.

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For our models, if the number of combinations/configurations is limited under 100, we prefers to use configurations, like flanges, valves. in other words, it is most used for standard parts.

but for some parts are built as to industry design standards, like ladders with continuous changes of height while the other dimensions are fixed by its several width options like 18" /20"/24" or the other dimensions can be controlled with its formulas or logics. it is better to use sketch controlled method, otherwise, it is stupid to set hundreds of configurations just with width changes. hope it helps.

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