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which one is batter in between nx8,creo 2,solidworks for modeling.?

By Harshil prajapati on 05 Sep 14:12 6 answers 0 comments

i m using nx 8 so i just wana compair all three sofwer so just ask u.?

6 answers

  • Harshil prajapati
    Harshil prajapati about 4 years ago

    Ya....i m using nx8.its such a awosome ,softwer....its good in solid ,surface,nd mechanisam..

  • John
    John about 4 years ago

    Depnds on whether you cooperate with other people, what you want to model (solids, sheets, tubing systems, factories, ...), what you are used and just about a few hundred other factors.
    Personally, I do prefer NX8, because it will work fine with various PDM systems, it's battle-hardened, offers a huge range of features and supports JT (look it up) quite well.

  • Sudhir Gill
    Sudhir Gill about 4 years ago

    If you are asking about modeling then SW is best. I had tried these and would say the time saving in SW is more then 2 times as compared to NX or CREO

  • Randima
    Randima about 4 years ago

    i have used all three softwares but NX is very powerful and time saving if u know it well. NX hard to learn , SW easy to learn that's the difference

  • Madhu balan
    Madhu balan over 1 year ago

    It differs my friend .If ur a Beginner I recommend SolidWorks ( Because its very easy to use simple UI ,You can use with without any tutorials.Creo is somewhat similar to SolidWorks but there are some limitations which you can do in solidworks and not in creo. NX yeh its powerful tool ,its a way complicated then the other two ,but if u master it , You Rule :p all the best

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