Which one is best design software in Mechanical field

HI, Friends help me to find out. which one is best

7 Answers

SolidWorks is widely used in the world. Its quite user friendly and easy to learn. Inventor, SolidEdge etc are very much similar to solidworks.

CATIA, ProE are quite advanced and they shall be much customized based on the customers requirements, processes etc.

For beginners, solidworks, inventor etc are recommended.

I guess the answers is Inventor with large libraries and design accelerator. But i prefer catia :=)

I think we have as many opinions as there are CAD users .

In purely mechanical field all the main CAD softwares are rather equal. They all do well in mechanical design.

I think the price of the software is one of the most important features if you're looking a CAD for mechanical design only. Solid Edge, Solidworks and Inventor are probably the best choices. CATIA/PTC/NX are just overkill for that purpose, not that they would be any worse. I've used CATIA V5, Inventor, AutoCAD, Solid Edge and NX so I comment with experience of them only.

I think we should not tell any particular software is the best.
Each software is unique in its own way and each of them is the best in that perspective...

instead of searching for the best software and then learning that, you could learn any popular software, practise it regularly and become familiar with that s/w.
Then you start comparing the commands in the s/w you learnt with the other s/w. you could definitely realise the thing that i have told before...

If you're going to be looking for employment as a mechanical designer, I'd contact recruitment agencies and find out what software experience is being asked for in job adverts by companies in your area.

Thanks to all. Finally i choose CATIA. Already i learned CATIA, Solid works, Auto cad, Uni graphics, Cre-o.

I have been working as a freelancer at www.upwork.com and www.freelancer.com/ for several years

According to my observations, most of the work is done in Solidworks, less commonly used inventor and Fusion 360, Catia saw only a few times.

Sometimes the client doesn’t care and he needs production files: STEP, STL, DXF, PDF.

I also use Keyshot for rendering.