which one is better Catia or Solidworks and why?

i know catia and im really good in it but i have heard alot about solidwork.is it good to change my software(Catia) to solidworks and work with it?why?

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Basically Solidworks is easier to use and Catia is more powerful. Solidworks probably has more job opportunities because more manufactures use it because most designed/manufactured goods don't need the high quality of Catia. Catia is for things like automotive and aviation that need highly accurate Nurbs.

Guess it depends on your location also, I only know what's going on in the US.

Further more, SolidWorks need add-on or plugin to expand is capabilties, CATIA if you have money you can buy licences of different workbench which allow you to work on other aspect of your design (PCB Design, Mold Tool Design, Class A surface, Knowledgeware etc...)
CATIA is more powerful in Surface than Solidworks and also in Automation (scripting/programming).
BUT CATIA is less ergonomic than SolidWorks.
As you certainly know Dassault Systemes (CATIA) bought a few years back SolidWorks. Since the capabilties of SolidWorks is improving a lot in surface and others things....
If you go in program files/SolidWorks you will see now a lot of CAT***.dll
They're using some of the CATIA libray in SolidWorks.
As Robert said, once you know the best practices and methodologies in CAD no matter the software, you'll be able to do the same design...
What's important it's not what is inside the PC but in front of !!!!

The main difference is in the "behind the scenes math" solidworks is scaled down and limited to some extend but the Catia is opend to all mathematical posibilities. To answer this question best we need to know what are your needs and what are the needs of your company. If you only ask what is better to know how to work with - then it's like ppl say - if you know your feature based modeling right no matter what tool you have in front of you you will do your job fine. Same thing if you can drive , you will get to from point A to point B whit old Fiat 500 , and with Lamborghini but the speed, accuracy and pleasure in between point's is the difference ;)

This is like asking what brand of underwear to wear!

It depends on lots of things - probably the biggest difference is cost and then after that capabilities - as both programs can do many or most tasks.

For all industries except transportation, SolidWorks probably is better for 'getting a job'. But Catia and SolidWorks also have overlapping workflows, and if you wanted to land a SolidWorks job, you will likely be OK.

My last fulltime SolidWorks job, one of the guys who started the week I did told me he was an NX person, and did the SolidWorks tutorials the night before the 'interview test' and did fine.

SolidWorks is about 1/3rd the price of Catia, if I am not mistaken.

It becomes the same once you understand the way it works. At the end, you can get the job with any and every, but as it is with all CAD software, you simply need to know what you want to be the result before you begin. No magical wonder-sticks implemented in neither. When I had to pick between Inventor and SW, I found the SW to be less demanding on my hardware and more intuitive which I found to be of crucial importance with limited time at hand.

catia is better than solidworks in surface modelling

Is it correct to say that Catia is similar to NX as the powerfull tool and SolidEdge and SolidWorks as the medium level tool?? like Nx to SE = Catia to SW??

THX guys.useful information.

Now my new company give us the catia software,but I have used solidworks software for more than 6 years.I think the solidwors controling method is easier than catia.including the navigation,feature tree control,configaration(using excel control the 3d model),2D drawing control......so up to now I also think the solidworks is better,of course I do not need to create the model like automotive and aviation surface.

A suitable guide for comparisons with Industries which are using solidworks and CATIA

CATIA..Solidworks s nothing as compared to CATIA..:).