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which one should i learn - catia or nx?

By Amandeep singh on 18 Nov 09:48 7 answers 1 comment

which one is better from job point of view and software capibilities

7 answers

  • Zakir Qureshi
    Zakir Qureshi 11 months ago

    Hello Amandeep,
    Most of the industry are migrating form Catia to NX but most of the supplier are using Catia and NX both like Borgwarner, Johnson Controls, Mind Industry, JBM etc
    1. ChryslerAutomotive-NX
    2. Mercedes-NX
    3.Maruti Suzuki-NX
    4.Renault Nissan- Catia and UG both
    5. General Motors-NX
    6. Piaggio-NX
    7.Ashok Leyland-Pro/E
    8. Boeing is going to migrate from Catia to UG
    9. Ford-Catia
    11. Rolls Royce- Pro/E
    etc. but I will recommend first you should learn NX then after you should learn Catia

  • pratap singh
    pratap singh 11 months ago

    CATIA-good surfacing and simulation.
    Nx- good part design

  • Jonathan DeRoner
    Jonathan DeRoner 11 months ago

    Its better to learn more than one design software. You should study both.It will give you a better background.

  • Zakir Qureshi
    Zakir Qureshi 11 months ago

    From the Job prospective NX and Catia are quite enough to learn both the software and you will get the unbelievable Carrier growth.
    Infact some ingredients like your management skills and technical skills make it more spicy.

  • Jitendra Kumar
    Jitendra Kumar 11 months ago is more flexible than Catia. but both are good software.

  • Jitendra Kumar
    Jitendra Kumar 11 months ago

    Try to join a company which is using Solidworks, then use their design concept in nx.

  • Amandeep singh
    Amandeep singh 11 months ago

    thanks. i am gonna try NX first then will learn catia( i already know PRoe and solidworks)

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