Which software has a bright future for mechanical engineers in designing ?

As their are alot of modeling and drafting softwares for the mechanical field, alot of people has a great confusion about which designing software has a better scope in future and why ?

2 Answers

They are all useful in their own way. Preferences usually come down to familiarity and if you don't believe that, work in the field for a while. I've never seen so many grown men cry as those who have to learn a new suite of software.

The differences are small and typically start to show themselves more in the area of surface modeling, top-down design, Industry 4.0 implementation, etc.. In other words, varying business needs across business sectors.

Software is just a tool; a means to an end. A good designer will work around whatever limitations he/she finds without much fuss.

it is necessary to be able to learn to use whatever your employer provides, if you want to be employable.