Which software is best for creating environments / scenery?

I am new in this community and i have to say this is an amazing and very helpful community.
I currently a structural designer and make various types of structures and buildings. My boss told me to learn google sketchup so that when our design (for example Building/structure) is finished we can put it in some good environment such as trees roads peoples etc so it looks good when presenting. Currently I am working in Rhino V5, Catia and creo. I thought that I will be able to find complete sceneries from internet so I dont have to draw every single model again in such detail. However I wasnt able to find complete sets which I was expecting that it will be hard to find in the first place.

If there are no such models on the internet then can you guys suggests me any good software package which includes all these types of model library. or something similar and easy to create environment.


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Autocad packages are good for that,but I don't know wich one to suggest.
I didn't try them all.
But I would say Autodesk Inventor, or 3DSMax.
If you are looking for software in which you are just rendering the model into Jpg, I would say that the Keyshot4 is the right thing for you
Hope I have been helpfull..

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Miloš Barbir thank you very much for a quick reply.
Actually I was looking for 3d models. For example there is an iges file for an environment where there are beautiful roads, bridges, people cars etc and I want that to import in my software so I can adjust my building in that somewhere which will look very good when presenting. Or i can export my model to other software where its easy to create the environment. So I thought before learning and spending my time on google sketchup I should i ask other people for their opinion? And besides that I wasnt able to find any good tutorials on google sketch up where I can create easy and fast models of people cars trees etc.
Again thank you very much for replying.

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