Which software is better, Solidworks or CATIA?

i have to design parts like surface, part, assembly, rendering, simulation.

10 Answers

My opinion: definitely Solidworks

For personal use :definitely Solidworks

You have to design parts for work or for personal use?
Personally I would prefer SolidWorks because,even it's a lighter software than CATIA,is more user friendly and for stuff like cars and assemblies it's enough.
CATIA is a industry based software,such as automotive or aviation and if you want to use it for mold design or for kinematic simulations it's a better option than SolidWorks.Also,CATIA it has the power of CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing) where you can simulate CNC machining operations.

For mine also SOLIDWORKS is the best in all other.

I usually prefer catia coz m well versed in it compared to solidworks. still i find solidworks more user friendly as Alex said. Itz infact really good. :)


solidworks is better. solidworks can be used to design fastly. catia is difficult to handle and is good only for detailed analysis and simulations

Solid Works is better for small-med assemblys. Easy to use with lots of power. Catia is great but the cost makes it a big corp tool only.

for surface modelling it is better to go with catia.....

both of them is good but if solid answers every things you want you will use it becouse it is user frendlier than catia
but catia is powefuller than solid
if you want to use from all of abilities