Which Software is in trend among Design and which software most of the Companies will use?

I need to join the course please help out guys

4 Answers

All software fulfil your requirements...
It depends on the field of use; Product designing, Mechanical, Automotive, Animation, etc.
Find the field you want to study, then search for suitable software.

Varies among countries,
1. My country: AUTOCAD and INVENTOR also SKETCHUP
2. Your Country : CATIA and Solidwork,
I learnt CATIA in Chennai, 2007 ..:)

Learn to be a good engineer first. Most good good engineers have no trouble learning whatever software is placed in front of them. Software is just one of the tools a good design engineer uses. Without the engineering knowledge of the designer the software is of little value.

I'll echo what lawrie said. Just learn a software. SolidWorks, Inventor, any sketch based modeler will give you the skills you need to learn another package quickly. You'll be using whatever your employer's purchased anyways... which is why most of us have to learn a number of different CAD throughout the course of our career.