which software is learn to better from solidworks and creo? why?

I am Mechanical Engineering student with interest in Product Design and Automotive Design. I have Confusion Between Solidworks and Creo. so, kindly help to find me right software.

4 Answers

While I use Autodesk Inventor which is my preference of all 3 since I used all of them in college, and I now use Inventor at my job, Solidworks would be far better to use of the 2. The reason behind that is the user interface and the commands. They are much easier and quicker to use in solidworks and it has FEA analysis capabilities that are far better than that of creo. It also has flow simulation which creo does not have either. Creo is far more expensive and cannot even do as many things in terms of calculations as solidworks can. Also, just to do a simple sketch of a line you have to click many more times than necessary in creo. Your best bet is solidworks of the 2.

Also, Solidworks should have a free trial version available for college students. If not I know Autodesk has one for Inventor. Creo I'm not so certain of.

We can not compare Creo with others, because it is the worst CAD program.

Just learn the software available to you at school so you have the most support and guidance.

Good modeling practices and principles are universal. This is far more important than learning a specific piece of software.

Once you know how to use ProE, Solidworks or Inventor you will be able to learn the rest pretty quick. I spent 4 years learning ProE (Wildfire) at university then i taught myself Solidworks and Inventor in a couple of weeks using online tutorials.

That said, Inventor is my favorite. It is very well made and intuitive.