Which software is preferable for tool design

In following softwares ug, catia and creo. Explain why ?

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Of the 3 you have available, I would say creo. The reason for my choice of creo is the easier ability to perform an FEA analysis or dynamic simulation within the software once a part or assembly is complete. I favor Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks over any other softwares on the market, however creo is very similar to them. The interface of creo is also easier to understand and use compared to ug and catia. And is similar to SOlidworks and Inventor. If you have the ability to though, check on inventor and solidworks. They are deffinately better than the ones you have listed.

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Personally speaking I prefer SolidWorks. I have used it for more than 7 years and 3 years only for Tool Design (Press Die-Cold & Die Casting) and found it more user friendly and fast for Tool Designing.
I haven't used Creo but as far as Pro/Engineer goes, It doesn't have abilities to do boolean operations on Solids in Part modeling as Powerful as SolidWorks.
On Other CATIA can do almost everything but I won't ask you to go for a full package software just for Tool Design.

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