Which software should I start with.

I am in a gap year. I always wanted to be a design engineer. Now I want to join a course for Cad/Cam and cae. But still not sure where to start? Should I go for Solidworks and NX or a CAD+CAE combo. I am a fresher so kindly suggest accordingly. Any help will be enlightening and deeply appreciated. BTW can I lean Solidworks myself??

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My personal experience is that once you have learnt autocad, you have to "unlearn" it to work 3d parametric CAD.

It is easier to start using 3d CAD from the start, and then do the CAM. You build virtual prototypes.. you know WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

The easiest CAD software out there at the moment is Solidworks and Inventor. Make your choice and master it. The best software is the one you know best. (NX and CREO is not that difficult to learn afterwards - actually ANY 3D CAD would be easier once you master either one)

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One suggestion would be to start to have experience with Auto CAD 3D.
You find many difficulties in modeling because it is very artisanal its modeling.
This will help you create a lot of maturity.
Next would be an average Software Solid Works and Inventor.
Come a time that you even had missed something more al then go to the NX and Creo after.

Hope this helps.


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I am hoping that Solidworks and NX will make me adequately abled to later learn Catia or Creo. While also providing a base for CAM CAE. What do you think?

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