Which solidworks exam to take for Mechanical design engineer?

Hello guys, I don't have any certificate in CAD, but now I want to get solidwork certificate. Which one is best in overall job perspective? Also it will be better if you share syllabus and sample of the exam. Thanks

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This is where you can find the legitimate exam provided by the software maker. This link is to the basic certification. On the left side of the page, you can get certified in other portions of the software also. Their contact info is in the top right of the page if you need help from them.

Good luck!

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There is only one reason to take multiple exams: If you felt like you might fail a hard exam, then you would take a lower level exam.

I think the most comprehensive exam is the Expert.
I did the Professional exam 18 years ago when it took nearly 8 hours to complete!

Overall I think it is handy to have a certification on your resume, but it does not prove much. If I were going to hire a SW user, I'd have them sit down and create a part. I'd also be interested in seeing a portfolio of their past work.
Using the software, and seeing what they have made would tell me much more than a certificate.

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Personally, I only did the CSWP for my own self gratification. For me it was really easy, not really challenging at all. I did that about 10 years ago. I am a freelance engineer, so I can't really say if it would help with getting a job especially for a seasoned engineer with years of experience but for a newcomer to the design community I think it would definitely make you stand out.

I agree with Fred that the CSWE is the most comprehensive. It basically says you are a well rounded user having an advanced knowledge of the software.

I have often considered getting all of them just as a challenge to myself.

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