Which tutorials would be the best for a beginner?

Hi there,

I'm totally new to CAD in general and I'm wondering which tutorials and in which sequence are best to learn the most out of it to quickly achive my goals.

Just for instance, I'd like to work on this project AAZZAA free Trike Project, i. e. working with all the files or create a similar project on my own. Another example, sooner or later I'd like to draw the floor plan for my camper in detail to mostly avoid learning out of mistakes by doing them. I attached a picture to show you what I mean from a high level perspective.

I know, it's a silly and random question, but it reflects my current experience so far. I don't expect a plan to be worked out from somebody with a step by step description. I just would like to know where to start and where to go with. I know it'd take lots of tutorials and learning by doing by taking small projects, copy them and learn from mistakes. I'm also not yet set in the tool, because of the missing experience. I took FreeCAD as it's available as a portable app for Windows.

So, maybe there's someone willing to help a noob by finding his way through the jungle of tutorials and the right software.


1 Answer

Hoi Tobias,

First make a account.

Try Inventor, because it is a real 3D program, this is free student software for 3 years and it is the professional version, al kinds of tutorials are included, if you want to do somthing, just go to the tutorial.