Which version of solidworks to choose for work?

Hi, I need solidworks program for my work, but I don't know which version is the best.

There are many new updates of SW 2017, so I need advice related to version.

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Everything what FredSWUG said plus add on top:
Stay far away from new stuff avoid Beta or SP0 is better to choice, if is possible SP4 or 5 in that case you can avoid alot of bugs and problems. Check SP improvement list and you will understand why is better to avoid SP0 are few pages of bugs and improvements for each Service Pack.
Each company suppose to have a vault and vault version will dictate you working version. Same in case you work with vendors you will need to match there version not older not newer.
Not last check your workstation specs, don t go an newer version with a old workstation you will run in problems. Basic older solidworks version SP5 for a older workstation or not so an powerful one will make your life away easier. But like Fred said depends what you will design and how much you will use it.

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It is always best to go with the most updated version of any software. This accounts for bug fixes, performance updates, new command and sim options, and many more additions and fixes. I heard 2018 is already out so you may want to consider going that route.

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One factor to consider is if you'll need to collaborate with other SolidWorks users.
If you and I were to exchange files, we'd need to be on the same release (2017). Once one of us installs 2018, then the other is pretty much locked in as well as there is no/limited backwards compatibility between versions.
If you'll be working with other people, match their version.
If you'll be working with only your own files, then you could use any release.

The next question is what you will be designing. Each release adds some new functionality. But many CAD models require only the most basic cut/extrude/sweep/loft features. In this case an older release would be perfect.
If you'll be creating complex surfaces, a newer release with Boundary Surfaces and Style Splines is a good choice.

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