while using catia my computer tends to hang a lot, even during skteching but when i look in the usage of graphic card it is almost nil. is there any settings issue?

i have a hpz600 workstation with me with 2 X5560 CPU AND 24GB RAM and 256gb(ssd)+ 500gb(hdd). i have two graphic cards quadro 4000(2gb) + quadro fx580(518mb). I have windows 10 professional in my pc!

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Where is the option to show the graphic card usage?

The first few things to consider are?
- How complex are the parts/assemblies you are working with?
- What else is running on the PC and using resources?
- How much hard drive space is available on each drive?
- Are you working on local files? Or are you working over a network?
- Does the system hang all the time, or is it intermittent?

Try watching or logging what else is happening on the computer when Catia hangs.

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Acalluy some this type problem create by window so update your windows and do work on

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According to my experience CATIA needs higher CPU usage comparative to others. So check the background app running status.

And if you are facing problems like taking a longer time to start then I think u should not do hurry when the system is loading the set up. All u need is patience.

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