Whish is the Best rendering software ?

I use Pro/engineer (Creo) to make 3D models but I can't do nice rendering as I see in GrabCAD. Could you help me to chose the best software to make rendering from step files and have you some tutorials?
Thank you very much :)

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It is not always the software that you use to get really nice renders it is your knowledge of rendering taking into account lighting which is 90% of any ones render and how to use lighting correct then you have materials and so much much much more to learn......
Keyshot is super awesome as you need little knowledge and the interface is super user friendly. It is a must have software but then you have many others....

3D's Max these are mind blowing software's but will take a great deal of learning
and now we have Vred it is like Keyshot on steroids but again it will take a little knowledge to use.....

So for a first time user into the world of visualization it has to be Keyshot and then you can move up the ladder over time with your render software's

You can convert your models to anything that these software's will use so a .STEP file is just as easy to create as any other file from your software so you should not have a problem.

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Gurudath, William thank you very much...

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generally I prefer to use Creo and gradcab. Both are fine but yes..GrabCAD is better then creo. Check my profile here http://architecturelinked.com/profile/JohnVictor

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Actually keyshot is very easy to use with lesser elements involved while develops high class images during rendering.
Also worthy to note that animations are also easier to do with some of the predefined architectures.

Manual for keyshot5


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