Who use MasterCAM?

Hello all GrabCAD engineer. I have one common question "Who use MasterCAM?"
I make video and put it on line. Give ideas how make them better and interesting.

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Master cam is user friendly cam software. if you know MC you can learn other cam softwares like NX,Powermill easily..companies those who manufacturing simple components use mastercam....In India L&T,HAL,LMW and many companies use MC....In world wide more than 6 lac companies use mastercam.......

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Hello Dears
please help me to how can I use Master cam G code to transferring Fanuc lathe
with USB flash memory?

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You have Code and you need put it at CNC machine?

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Hello everyone, i'm new here in this field and still learning. Actually i'm doing "Post Graduate Diploma in Tool Design & CAD/CAM". My course duration is 1.5 yr & under this i'm going to learn about many CAD/CAE/CAM software like: Autocad, Mastercam, Solidwork, Pro_E(creo), Catia, NX & Ansys. Please someone tell me about above software which one comes under which category. Like some guys are talking about NX is cad/cam/cae software, but i thought mastercam is only CAM software between all i mentioned above.Above all i mentioned software only mastercam generate NC code. Please someone clear this for me.
Next i want to know about Mastercam different toolpath use. Which toolpath use under which conditions. their is lots of toolpath surface, multiaxis etc.

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