Why are models with 80 downloads still marked as popular ? They are rubish !

I do not undertstand it .... i can see half of POPULAR models are rubish that no one wants to see and nobody can use in their projects because they are sofisticated like square .... GRABCAD PLEASE SET AS POPULAR ONLY MODELS WITH LIKES NOT DOWNLOADS .... i understand there are models which are usable for many ppl but its 1 great model and 100 SELF DOWNLOADED CRAPS ( I KNOW THEY DID STH. BUT IT WAS NOT ENOUGH )

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Fully agree with you...
I believe that it is an automated system that puts models in the pop section when downloaded 20 times...I strongly believe there are GC member who "ask" their comrades at school or work to download a model, bad or good, in order to get into the pop section.....(look at the amount of followers that some people have....not that they are good modelers but they still have a lot of "supporters")
Childish behavior to me, but than, a digital community is a reflection of the real world....
Hope GC will resolve this issue asap in order to get GC interessting to monitor..

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It seems that some models are very useful and attract many downloads but if they are not particularly impressive they attract few likes.

Schroff, 19" 3U Case

This model has 483 downloads but only 4 likes. Should it be regarded as ‘popular’?

I have no objection to the ‘bar’ being set higher for downloads.

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