Why are the parts in catia v5 18 appearing in black?

Even the surface made in wireframe r appearing black .. also when ever i import blueprint sketch tracer it appear blurry plzz can ne one help me out

6 Answers

Try Tools-Options-Material Library-Shading Display-uncheck deactivate ambient lighting

There are different possibilities for this.
1. You might have applied material or default materiel property might be tweaked.
2. In View -> Lighting check whether single light source is checked.
3. Check Graphic Properties. (Most likely Graphic Property might be the reason. Check whether the colour is in Automatic)

If this is occurring in Sketcher...it may also be likely that you have applied a color to the overall assembly "instance" piece instead of just the partbody. Just right click the instance and change property color back to "no color".

Asif sir is absolutely right. When we click the lines on the branch it will get deep gray( or can tell Black). That's means the the the parts have got lucked.

try ....tools- options-general-display-visualization and you can change the settings the way you like

it is because u locked part by clicking on branch of model tree.
there is a small white line between part name and + sign click on it and it will appear white again.