Why are used only doghouse feature than other feature in interior trim in automotive product?please give me technical reason?

Doghouse is the features of B-side attachments and used as fixation of interior trim in automotive product.
But my question is why only doghouse used other than features?
I hope you can answerd it.
Give me technical reason.

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2 Answers

Are you referring to the attachment point bosses or, something else? Just want to make sure I'm understanding the question before attempting an answer.

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It was answered pretty well here: https://grabcad.com/questions/how-many-types-of-dog-houses-are-there-in-plastic-design-engineering

The "dog house" simple allows another feature to start at a different height. I suppose you could invent some new method to do the same task, but this has become the standard, and it can be designed to work with the tooling / molding process.

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