Why AutoCAD isn`t appropriate for 3D modeling?

What`s the main reason, or are there multiple??? Every viewpoint would be very helpful, thy in advance

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Because Autocad began as a 2D software and even though in the past years several advances have been made in the 3D capabilities of autocad it still isn't the apropriate 3D modeling software.
In comparison to Inventor Pro (Autodesk's 3D modeling software) autocad doesn't have FEA (it has for 2D only), dynamic simulation, assembly mates, sheet metal design mode, plastic part design mode, cable and harness, routed systems and many more.
Also in comparison to other high end software (like CATIA) autocad doesn't have advanced surfacing capabilities.
Autocad is still the No1 choice for 2D drawings and documentation.

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Here's a little tidbit for you though. The entire land of Disney World is designed with AutoCAD 3D solids. No Catia, no Inventor, no SolidWorks. Just AutoCAD 3D solids because they integrate so well with the other AutoCAD verticals such as AutoCAD MEP and Structural Detailing.

So, in actuality, it really depends on your needs and how you interface with your teams and vendors. This is a big reason why Revit is being pushed in AEC since so many firms are adopting it. I can actually make a solid in AutoCAD as fast as I can in Inventor, its the parametric modification that plaughes AutoCAD (it doesn't have it), but for Civil or AEC work you will find AutoCAD or Autodesk more prevalent than any other software company. Bently is definately up there though for Plant and Infrastructure though too.

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I disagree. For creating Architectural models AutoCAD Architecture has so many advantages. I can create a fully renderable Model of anything from a building to a truss in short order and show it rendered with materials, shadows, reflection etc.
I think it depends on your discipline and whether or not you are part of a team or working independently as I do. I even get positive feedback from the structural engineers when I export the 2D file for their backgrounds and it is perfect, not some strange conversion from a non AutoCAD program.

So manufacturing, civil, structural, mep, architectural all have their own best application. No single application is suited for every type of CAD or 3D Modeling!

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Small industries they are satisfied with the use of Autocad.The cost of the Autocad is less compared to the other high end software.Everyone in the field of Mechanical Engineering having the knowledge of understanding the 2d drawings.so small industries go for the autocad

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