Why bolted connection does not show up when another person open same file on their machine?

I add bolted connection to my part, then when another engineer at my office tries to open the same assembly, it says there is an issue with the bolted connection and it keeps asking to locate the bolts, nuts & washer. Any reason why this is happening? Is it because I am not using the Vault to save the parts?

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The Default Content Center Files location is where the individual instances are stored (not where the libraries are located), which needs to be in the same location for all computers/users accessing the assembly. The default location, as installed, is the user's local profile, which only works for a single-user project. Our work is all unrelated, self-contained projects, so we override the default Content Center location in the project file (.ipj) to be within the project folder structure. Anyone working on that project will automatically find the Content Center items. I hope this helps.

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