Why can't I activate the workbench Solidworks Add-In?

I don't have admin rights on my computer, so I got IT to install GrabCad workbench, including the Solidworks Add-In. The standalone GrabCad application works fine, I'm able to upload, download, etc.., but I can't activate the GrabCad Add-In in SolidWorks.

When I go to SolidWorks > Tools > Add-Ins, I see GrabCad (unchecked) in the "Other" section. When I check it and hit OK, nothing happens (no tab added to right side). When I go back into Add-Ins, it's unchecked again.

Any ideas?

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4 Answers

did you figure this out? having the same problem.

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I am also having the same problem. Has anyone figured this out?

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Good morning, I found the solution, just copy these folder to the following address

C:\Usuarios\"Your User"\AppData\Local

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