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why can't i mirror this surface?

By Jan Božič on 04 Jul 11:14 3 answers 0 comments

i want to make model of a helmet but i can't mirror it as surf or as solid. please help


celada.SLDPRT, 690 KB

3 answers

  • Cody Cecchetto
    Cody Cecchetto over 4 years ago

    use front plane as mirror plane, mirror bodies and uncheck merge solids. worked for me

  • a1ce339a
    a1ce339a over 4 years ago

    to keep it as one unit ( merged ) take a little off the plane first, it doesn't recognise a surface. then you can use mirror.
    I have included 2 files PART and IGES.


    celada.SLDPRT, 1.08 MB
    celada.IGS, 17.2 MB

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