Why can't I open this "Older Solidworks" file in Inventor 2012?

The file in question can be found here: Air Fan - no base

When I attempt to open this file in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2012 (Student Version), I get an HTML translation report that says Error - Translation failed This version is not supported.

If the file really is from an older version of Solidworks, why won't it open in Inventor 2012? Thanks.

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3 Answers

Here is the IGS version of the file, try now...
It is an older version than SW2012, not sure which version...

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I think Inventor's support for SW files stopped at a certain version of SW, so it doesn't matter which version of IV you have. I might be wrong though.
STEP and IGES files are better anyway.

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I have Inventor 2011, and I know that it won't support any Solidworks files. You need to get the drawing uploaded in STEP/IGES format so you can open it. It is a good idea to upload all your drawings in your regular format as well as include a STEP/IGES version of that drawing, that way more of the "GrabCAD Community" can have the pleasure of looking at your drawing.

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