why cant i save my file as a stl?

im currently making a model on solidoworks 2011 and would like to save it as an stl file but it isnt coming up when i click "save as type". i was just wondering why this isnt working? anybody got any clues?

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It might be that you're running a limited version of SW?
Or I know that you can't stl a file if its not a solid body (i.e. a surface model), but I think it will still give you the stl option in the save as menu.

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for saving as stl you have an option box. in the option menu you have 2 choose: Binary & ASCII
change the out put as:
if it's Binary select ASCII and if it's ASCII opt Binary.
it's must work then.

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Isn't the .stl format part of the export option?

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thanks for the help guys but its still not working, ill add a print screen to what i see in the save box

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