Why car designers don't make any asymmetric car?

I wonder why there are not any asymmetric car? what do you think?

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Simple: the human brain recognizes assimetric things less appealing - not so nice like symetric. Studies were made on how we like human face. Symmetric = nice, assymetric = not nice. A psichology thing.

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There is also an economic reason for that... in many place around the world drive on the right side so a simetrical car also provide the possibility to change some feature to drive it from right or left without a complete different design.

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Actually, many BMW cars are built without symmetry, based on a driver's position in the car, and a few other factors of course. Additionally, tires, headlights, and many more cars 'elements' have recently abandoned their use of symmetry to improve design.

Many Yatchs and sailboat achieve better performance and balance using asymmetry.

Even Apple computers has used assymmetrical fan design, it nominalizes the flow of air & sound.

I'm almost certain it's used everywhere today in manufacturing, including a majority of car manufacturers.

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