Why Catia Surface is better than solidworks

I wanna know what capabilities that in catia and not in solidworks ?

There is also power surfacing plugin for solidworks enables it for freeform

Accepted answer

A dowel pin and a class XX gage pin look the same until you really analyze them. Then you see the differences in straightness, size, cylindricity, etc.. I look at a lot of surface modeling the same way.

You can make most of the same things in either software. It might even 'look' good... but if you have the tools to analyze, you can then see the difference in surface patch continuity; tolerance of edges and g2, g3 continuity between sheets and boundaries for instance.

The other issues are tolerance and specific tolerance requirements. Then, how do these surfaces respond to changes? How parametric are they?? Nothing like rebuilding a bunch of pseudo-parametric surfaces that didn't maintain continuity due to a change.

All that aside yes... there are a lot of sub-D plug-ins for Solidworks and other packages, that can really help in covering the skill-gap for those who need to create more surface models. Catia and NX both have them as well.

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