Why did you become an engineer?

It's not the most paid job and easiest job out there, why did you took this path and have you ever regretted?

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This happened to me since I was young ,Where my father buy me toys (cars, bus,airplane ) I was carrying a stone And shattered by the ,Try and find out what's inside ,Since that time, and I love the design The mechanics and became fond of drawing three-dimensional She studied at the University of Engineering and learned solidworks And aa I look forward to become a designer modern cars ,
This is my story..

I've always been amazed by trying to understand how things or machines work!, and after knowing that being able to build or design something is just awesome I love it...

When I was five, my family was always worried that I'd hurt myself sleeping with a screwdriver in one hand and a pair of pliers in the other ... Now I'm studying mechanical engineering ...

... i wanted to be a philosopher but there was no openings for that carrier so i took engineering job instead... but when you think a little some of greatest engineers in history where philosophers in same time...

dust, oil, dirt, no chicks, you will never be a celebrity, people often don`t understand you, in the movies always blow up in 3 seconds this you worked for 3 years, you have to explain to welders "why is bad to pull 500kg welding machine by cable", you have to explain to investors "why this has 20$ price tag, but in the finished product it is not possible to has 9", you have to explain to your girlfriend "Why you can`t go out, why you are always tired, why you stare at display till 3 a.m." ... simple... how to resist? :)))

why has fish picked the water?

(my english is poor..sorry..)

Because it was too hard to become an astronaut.

I took a CAD design class in high school and was hooked. I was always taking things apart ever since I was a kid and had a interest in how things work.

I am not quite an engineer yet. Just a student. But I want to be one because I've always been interested in mechanical design including aircraft, cars, clocks, guns, tools, and machine tools.

Permitidme que me exprese en español y luego, usais el Google 8))))

Cuando era niño no había Lego, al menos yo no lo conocía aún, pero sí tenía un Meccano, sin motor ni nada, eso se lo ponía yo con cinta adhesiva si hacía falta.
Hacía maquetas, primero de plástico, luego de madera... Destripaba también los juguetes como muchos de vosotros pero siempre dibujaba. Dibujo a lápiz, acuarela, óleto, dibujo de línea en el bachillerato, aerógrafo en mi etapa de publicista y, finalmente, viendo en un ordenador el editor de materiales del 3D Studio, me compré mi primer ordenador y comencé por aprender a encenderlo. Así hasta ahora, que durante tanto tiempo he estado diseñando mis muebles en eordenador antes de fabricarlos.
Siempre me han gustado las piezas de mecánica, pero no mancharme de grasa. Y mi hermano sí es ingeniero industrial, así que yo tenía que hacer otra cosa 8)) Soy ingeniero de la madera, por así decir.
Me encanta el Cad y, sobre todo, los renders 8)

PD: Siento mucho lo de tus dedos, David. Un abrazo 8)

Now in english thanks at help of Goolge. It´s too longer for to try translate by myself 8))):

Let me that I express me in Spanish and then you use Google 8))))
When I was a child there wasn´t Lego, at least I didn´tt know it yet, but I had a Meccano, unpowered or anything, that it was I with tape if needed. I began to make models first in plastic, after wood models... It also broke toys as many of you, but I always drew.
Drawing pencil, watercolor, óleto, drawing of line in high school, airbrush in my publicist stage and ultimately seeing the 3D Studio material editor on a computer, I bought my first computer and started to learn to switch it on. So far, that for so long I've been designing my furniture in computer before making them.
I've always liked parts of mechanics, but not to smear me fat. And my brother is an industrial engineer, so I had to do something else 8)
I'm engineer of wood, so to say. I love CAD and, above all, the renders 8)
PD: sorry about your fingers, David. Hugs 8)

Because everyone else wanted to study economics and management. And they did (with tragic results)!
Now seriously, I was always a science guy but I never liked the way math and physics was being taught. I wanted what I learned to have an immediate practical implementation so engineering was the only way. Why mechanical engineer in particular? Because electrical engineers study something that they will never see and civil engineering was not my thing. I could have become a structural engineer though.

J E Paz asked me the same question. But first when I answer I have to be honest and say that you become an engineer in much nobel reasons than I did.

The main reason that took me to engineering path was actually CAD. I have been always into computers and when I first used AutoCAD in high-school I was immediately hooked. It was still 2D, but it was great.

Then after graduating high-school I actually wanted to go to study ACE, but I liked the mechanical engineering program better and I chose this. My first job was a CAM engineer. I played a lot with SolidEdge and CAM, developed add-ons to improve engineering process and I guess have done it since.

So I have always been more driven my CAD as a software than engineering.

Since I was very young, I was fascinated with everyday mechanical inventions, such as bicycles, motorcycles, trains, and cars. I was so curious how exactly they work internally. I've been very lucky to work in some exciting companies, such as designing roller coasters and other amusements park rides. Mechanical designing has been very fulfilling career and I find there always something new to learn or understand.

I am not an engineer yet but am studying to be :)
I have always been fascinated with engines and gears
and how they worked progressing to all mechanics

I became an engineer because of the phrase "It's not rocket science!". I figured that if rocket science made everything else look simple, then it was a good thing to learn. So now I'm a mechanical engineer looking for aerospace work. :)

When I was a young kid I got my first Lego set for Christmas. I think that was truly the beginning. Within the next next few years, most of my toys were taken apart, just to see how they work. At that point I think the path was set. I'm still that curious kid and love seeing how things work, engineering just fits.

Some girls told me they think designers are sexy.... that is why

Out of the blue really.. I got offered a job as a 3D CAD Technician 2 years ago, with no prior knowledge or experience of any 3D modelling at all. Took the job on and tought myself as I went, and still much much more to learn I'm sure! Hoping to learn some other software packages and learn from all of you.

I chose engineering (Mechanical & Chemical) for several reasons like most people do. I've always liked physics, maths and chem (you have to like maths for eng) so an engineering seemed like a logical choice. I could have done that in a science degree, but an engineering degree has much better career prospects, and I personally think it's a lot more interesting to develop a large-scale real world application for something from a design in a lab; say in chem eng, produce 10,000 tonnes of Kelvar from a process developed in a lab that would produce a beaker full.

Engineering has a huge amount of diversity even within the single streams; it's got the practical side, theoretical side, sometimes management. Bottom line is that it really teaches you how to analyse problems in meticulous detail, which can be extremely useful even outside of engineering.

I'm sure there would be a lot more qualified engineers and students around to sell the path better though. But you've made a good choice in considering eng.

There are many factors upon why i wanted to be an engineer.

It took me a while to decide I wanted to use CAD.

From a young age i have always been involved with products such as quad bikes, motorcross bikes & jetski's.

I raced jetski's from the age of 13 where my dad taught me the ins and outs of the engine. He made sure i spent at least an hour in the garage with him and my mechanic when ever we had technical issues. Just for the fact i will be learning and could do it my self when i got older.
The more the user knows about the equipment the more can be taken from it. Thus i knew my jetski engine inside out and i knew what certain things needed changing if the engine wasn't at its prime. Although tuning my 50mm NOVI mikuni carbs was always a challenge!

From that i went into a precision engineering apprenticeship as a miller.

This is where i got my insight into solid engineering and decided i wanted to be in the drawing office. The company i worked for couldn't change my apprenticeship path so I decided to apply for University as I had already done my A-levels.

I knew i wanted to do design of some sort as i was artist aswell, but to be honest CAD was the first course I stumbled upon and I loved the sound of it.

4 and a half years later here I am with a 2:1 honours degree in Computer Aided Design technology & I have been lucky enough to have a job since graduation.

Eventually i want my own engineering shop although i have other things i need to do first :)

I was a carpenter/contractor for 20 years and got familiar with lots of drafting and modeling packages. When I cut 2 fingers off in 2001, I decided to try something different :)

I fell in love with the mechanics of everything present around me right from the first time I saw bangles on my mother's hands. Then I started inventing things for myself. Now Im here 'in a relationship' with it! :) when asked, theres a lot...lot to talk about mechanical. Its my love. I was going to be an electronics engineer at one point of my life but it was perhaps destined to be this too! :) so its love! and its destiny! :) its the destined love that Im here! Im happy and proud to be a studying mechanical engineering...

I think you need to check your premise. Engineering is THE highest paying 4 year degree there is. And as you can see from the earlier responses, most guys who go into it basically just love science and math and machines.

Primero en español, fácil y resumido!
Cuando era niño jugaba con legos y me gustaba inventar mecanismos, luego estudié mecánica de precisión y una cosa llevó a la otra!
Sorry for my bad English!
When I was a child I used to play with legos and I tried to do my own mechanisms, then technical high school where I become a tool maker and few years later after work in this area I got a job as mechanical drafter where I got to know diferent engineers that influence me to start studing for become an engineer.

I see Im not alone! Two other students have reacted already here!
I also see that quite a few others have been busy with LEGO as kids.
And I see that a lot of the folks here also love to know 'how it works'.
Yeah, it seems Im with the majority on this one... for a change!

Although my area of interest is pretty wide (remembering just about any silly fact that I stumble along), I have chosen to study Industrial Design Engineering. Mostly because I like to design (how convenient!), I'm also fascinated by industrial processes and the way engineers know 'how stuff works'. I am not terribly good at math, but I found to absolutely love to design user products, taking into account how they are supposed to be made and used, and when I first learned SolidWorks I fell in love with it that very moment...

I guess Im another product made by the standard ingredients any passioned engineer has. (Minus the ease of handling math, Im afraid. But I can manage it...)

Interesting job, always new problem to fix!

I've always been amazed by trying to understand how things or machines work!, and after knowing that being able to build or design something is just awesome I love it...

When I was young I always sayd my mom I wanted to be an inventor.

I'm already engineer,but I'm still not good at it..more likely, I'm a designer with engineering background. My art is better than my engineering problem solving skills though.

Simple answer: LEGOS

my love for engineering is like diarrhea,can't hold it in.

becouse i like play lego

I never tire of talking. I love drawing. Draw is a game. like Gif heheheh

Eu desenho depois de tomar café da manha, eu desenho depois de almoçar, eu desenho depois de chegar da faculdade hehehehe, eu amo desenhar, eu desenho depois de fazer @#$% . Este é meu vicio.

Well tough question but as cliched as this sounds, I basically like figuring out how things, I've always been fascinated about how an object that performs a function can also be a work of art!

Being a historican, an economist, a lawyer, even a doctor looked so boring to me. To be honest, gave 50% chance to be an archtitect and %50 to be a mechanical engineer. And i'm here.

i love f1...that's why...

Its cheesy, but I just followed my curiosity and passion. Its not an easy path personally or professionally, but the things I've been able to do and work on and the types of projects I'm involved with make it worth every second. Something I've regretted in the past is becoming overly focused on projects and causing problems in my personal life. I don't think I've ever met an engineer that hasn't experienced the same thing, but just a heads up for the new guys - keep yourself in check.

I love my bike.....

Life is a chain of coincidences.
When i was young i read somewhere a article on Lenoir, and i got mechanical triggered.
Practically nobody heard of him, but every motorist should know it.

I always had an aptitude for building things when I was a kid.

So while I was in school everyone was telling me "get in to CAD, it is the next big thing" so I did (i am kind of older so when I started CAD was all wireframe and mostly on mini and main frame computers). They told me if I got good I would be rich Rich RICH! Now I found that everyone does it and I would have made more money being a garbage man. Oh well I still like designing even though it doesn't pay that well.

by starting my study as mechanical engg. i faced subject engineering drawing by making hand drawings using drafters, from that day till now everyday im feeling proud that i picked the right choice to be a CAD Engg.

Because i have always wanted to create stuff and leave a mark behind.

I think of professions in one way. lets say the world is abt to end in a few yrs and u can do something to save it. which profession has the best shot at it? The engineers of course.

Its unarguably the very 1st profession taken up by humankind. and the most basic one. n i'm proud to be a part of that legacy

When i was child always loved to disassemble my toys and any weird object to see how it works, most of them doesn´t work again, because that my father was anger with me, now is part of my design process wreck things to test them and improve and now my father see the importance.

For the money, but since Engineers are nothing more than skilled modeling machinists, I decided I would have fun with everything I do and invent something useful in the process.

i cant stop taking things apart. even when i stop my hands my brain starts taking it apart breaking it down into its most basic components.

Because wearing glasses kept me from being a fighter pilot.

I am third generation engineer. I was more interested in taking toy's apart as a child... and seeing what my Grandfathers and father made and repaired.

CAD allows me to visualise and try ideas with unlimited materials.

The downside... I spend too much time dreaming new ideas and not making items to make money. I will never be a rich man, but very satisfied with my abilities and understanding of the world of engineering.

To be part of the team and do what I can to make this world a better place.......

During my Junior year of high school, I did a report on China, we were allowed to use only the CIA's website. I saw they had a large number of engineers, I didnt really understand what that meant, other than they drove a train. I looked into it more, and found the many different disciplines. I began to read about mechanical engineers and that summed me up perfectly, from there I began to pursue it. Im currently in process of 3 patents, a perpetual motion generator, a hand tool, and a safety feature for outside lights.

I love mathematics and physic,quickly problem solving technique made me love the engineering field, especially design engineering. I am so excited with GrabCad, all the design here by greatest designer really inspire me... ; )

I always loved ripping things apart and occasionally putting them back. Almost anything with fasteners was going to be disassembled. In high school took a few CAD and design classes and loved making models. Sometimes I find myself being to cynical and analysizing all kinds of objects for improvements. It's just fun to make stuff better.

Its where you apply your mind and see what you thought in real form.

I wanted to be a pilot in the RAF but my stout midriff and my dislike at being shouted at squashed that idea pretty quickly.
There is a particular beauty in things that are designed to work properly and I love having a part in that kind of work every day.

I can't stop designing things even if I try, engineering was one path to pursue what I cannot stop myself from doing, another was architecture, yet another was industrial design. Engineering school is quite different than the profession.

The responses here are great. Yeah, started with the Legos. I knew I wanted to think of things and then build them. College tends to train people to be project managers rather than contributors.

I love it, when I left school I already knew that I wanted to be a toolmaker, In the second year of my apprenticeship I was training others, that was 32 years ago.
About 10 years ago i went to night school/uni to learn cad and have not looked back since, its another fantastic tool to use and expand your mind. I have worked my way up to senior status in the company where I work, (play) I am the Design Manager, Senior Designer and Head of Research and Development, all revolving around cad.. don't ever give up, one day i will design/invent some thing that will make me rich, until that happens I'll carry on with what I love doing, CAD.
p.s. I love breaking things and then trying to find out why they broke, is that normal?

I like to draw, design, programming. I can not imagine my life without it. Other people's money counting is certainly more profitable, but it's not so interesting as to be an engineer. However, I do music and sports. The engineer is comprehensively developed representative of humanity. That's why I'm an engineer: you are no limits.

From my school days I am passionate about automobiles i.e., how it works and what's technology used in it, and used to collect information about new vehicles and go through the new thing in it. So I selected Engineering as my career. Now I am very happy to be an Engineer. Working to get good name in Automotive Industries.

My parents told to choose it & so i four cornered to choose this field...but now after CAD courses i'm addicted to MECHANICAL...
Machines Rule The World..
We Rule The Machines...

To get chicks!
("knock knock knock...Penny?...knock knock knock...Penny?....knock knock knock...Penny?")

Oh wait, that's the reason I started playing guitar.

Actually I was in high school drafting class when the instructor was asked to recommend his best student for the field to be an intern for a local manufacturer. I was soon doing half days at school and earning the rest of my credits at work. Been doing it ever since.

But the groupies are amazing.

To make our life better!

Very interesting question, and it deserves a very interesting answer. I became an engineer from the day I took apart my first device around the house, when I was about 6.

I was fascinated about how things worked, what their internals looked like, how to make them work faster or better, or more reliably. I would rebuild old devices with newer parts that I designed from scrap material in my father's garage.

I have literally never stopped, I have worked in many different fields, including aeronautical, mechanical, electrical, software, computer and mechatronic engineering.

There is many different fields of engineering, however, all strive to meet the same goal, to design and implement new devices, or redesign existing systems to make peoples lives better. It is extremely fascinating to see your work come to life, come to fruition, it is a sense of satisfaction that (seriously) only an engineer would understand.

because there is status of engineer.without engineer we can fash the challenge work and i like 2 fash challenge work, solve the problem.And make different think from other.

my mothers suggestion

Growing up, i broke a lot of stuffs just because i wanted to see and knw the way it works. The funny thing thereafter is that i never understood what the mechanical components in those gadgets were doing. So why did i become an engineer? " Im on the path of understanding the working principles of these things and never will i stop" Mechanical Engineering

Two main reasons:
1) Were you ever standing beside a machine and wondered, how this machine ( Input - Desired output ) works? or Did you ever give a shot to know how they work? If yes then good, you have a little insight of what engineering is. One need not be an engineer to understand how things work.
2) Now, you know that how they work. What next? The real meaning of engineering lies in this next part. If you are able to build something, about whose working you always wondered since your childhood; what else gives more satisfaction? You are the part of this project that a lot of people are going to use, admire and wonder how it works. Goosebumps!
That is what I feel about Engineering. "I didn't choose or dream to be an engineer". But when I started my journey towards being an Engineer, I knew this is what I want to be.

To find solution in making perpetual motion...

its not about money you earn from your job , its about the joy of making new things and ideas to reality.

The things we can touch is a mechanical part or an assembly. A Mechanical Engineer is the one who is responsible for all the new technological creations we can touch.
So, I chose Mechanical Engineering.
I have learnt engineering to get the knowledge of the technologies we have, their limitations and what can be made by their combinations (Machines).

Started as a technician in aerospace. Was later given an opportunity to do drafting work, as a contractor, and excelled at it. Within six months was promoted to designer. Got to work on the X-15, the LEM, nuclear engines for the Polaris, and engines for the Enterprise. Went to night school and studied math through calculus, english, chemistry, physics and aced them all, Within a few years was promoted to Engineer, when I didn't have a degree. Three years later was promoted to Sr. Engineer. Was assisting H.R. interview potential Co-Ops and found I was becoming a dinosaur; didn't know CAD. Built my own computer (couldn't afford store bought) and bought AutoCAD 1.9 when it was still being sold out of garage in California. Taught myself. Did the same with several other CAD programs. Settled on SolidWorks (most capable for the $$$). Earned a few patents. Been a free-lance consultant ever since. Never gave a thought to doing anything else. It's more than a livlihood or a career; just like the rest of you, it's a passion. Really, what else would we do?

As if I had a choice! :)
I mean, what else is there besides engineering... ;))

Great question Hardi, I like all the answers too

I grew up working on cars with my dad & older brother - there also were pro drag racers in my neighborhood; my bro was friends with them and would let me hang out with those guys sometimes. My brother worked for a place that customized cars; custom carved wood forms for body panels made with fiberglass lay-up; crazy looking Stingray-Batmobiles from Mars! Airbrush art that was unbelievable. He also made trikes by welding the rearends of VW Beetle frames to accomodate forks. He swapped used working engines into Beetles that had blown engines one summer for income - that was his only job. I thought that was what all guys did and how all guys grew up, but later found out that I was in a very unique neighborhood with a brother that might be a genius of some type. My bro should actually have been an engineer but he hated school!!! After helping him and watching him curse at machines and throw wrenches I decided that I didn't want to bust my knuckles working on cars my entire life so I became an ME!!!

I love challenges...

I love to see things that I designed in the computer and seeing them worked. The satisfaction makes me climax. Lol. LEGOS, like what Mike C said.

Porque quiero hacer de este planeta un lugar mejor para vivir/ Because I want to do about this world, a better place to live.

Its simple.....just FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS!!!

Hypothetical Question ;D

I grew up watching the original Star Trek with my dad and Scotty was my big inspiration for becoming an engineer.

Since I was a kid...

Because, since I was young I want to become an engineer. I was so interested in mechanical parts, construction, designing. So here I am

My uncle is an Engineer and we have always talked about cool things he has worked on (Aircraft, missiles, nuclear technology, cars). I knew from a young age it was a perfect fit for me.

Since I was a boy I was always getting into trouble for taking things apart to see how they worked. To begin with I only occasionally re-assembled them successfully (including birthday and Christmas presents. Now a little better at it.

Lego! I used to love playing with lego; so that must have helped. Dad's an Engineer at Exxon, I guess it's in the genes? But I studied Engineering as I missed the cut on Medicine. But I have been very lucky in the last two years working with our National Sports institute and specifically a very clever Biomechanist. Now I design sporting equipment (or modify it!) & it's the hardest challenge yet. I'm currently with water sports like Sailing, Rowing, Kyack... & you have athletes & their equipment that need to perform in air& water. I live in SW Simulation & Flow Simulation. And unlike David Thomas, I still have all my fingers!!

I become an engineer for it is my parent choice. My choice is n the field of Arts. I want to be a Fine Arts, but financial reason, so this is the choice i get,
I got a job and good salary, I help my friends plan their house and estimates the Bill of Materials and labor for compensation, to help them n their budget and I fell good and I am so in love in Cad Designing and I want to be a good designer in the future, I love my profession as a Civil Engineer. Thanks to my parents.

bcz it is the only thing i was intrested in .I used to see national geographic and i became more intrested in how things are made ........so....

As a highschool student, i worked hard to build a good background in mathematics, physics and chemistry, My desire was to apply all them, in order to build new things, like machines. During my carreer until now, i discovered, some times the hard way, that life is hard, especially for engineers, It is not enough to have dreams. You must have the resources to build them. Any way I feel lucky about the fact, my generation had the ability to use such advanced CAD systems, as the systems we use today. I dont regret about my decision. If i was supposed to start over again, i would follow the same profession!!!

Because most if not all of the world's problem require some engineering input for its resolution. Applying scientific principles to the real world problems is exciting; you never know what you'll discover.

To have tools that allow me to give bodies to my ideas. :)

Find gratification in creating new solutions.

Engineering is the best investment you can make in college. Everything i learned throughout my undergrad is applied at my current job. The other thing is, I get paid doing what I love.

You know i'd really have loved to have said ' i took mechanical engineering cuz of tony stark ( iron man ) ' , but then i saw the movie oly after i was well into the stream :P i neva knew why i took mechanical engineering but two things i love are engineering graphics and CAD . The moment i really felt i'd done the right thing by taking mechanical engineering was when i started learning CAD . Neva looked back since then :)

I love the idea of taking a block of steel that costs a couple of bucks, put in engineering... starting to give it a specific shape, and make it usefull... For example a car... if you weight the steel that its made of, it will cost 1000euro... Its the engineering that we pay!!:)

Felt too much pleasure building something using Legos when I was a child.

I think the main reason was a fascination with mechanical and let me design and build things.
Don't forget:
An engineer could become an accountant more easily than an accountant becoming an engineer.

An engineer could become an financial analyst more easily than a finance analyst becoming an engineer.

God only knows, it's not the wage

“Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was.” I think that pretty much explains how I feel about engineering

For the money - shows how close to personal bankruptcy I must have been........

I Went to an interview for an apprenticeship (long time ago)
Asked are you interested in engineering: "Not really"
Asked what did you study in school: "Woodwork"
Got the job! got the bug! and the rest really is history.

I've always had a mix of a passion for creation and an insatiable curiosity. I think you have to have both to be an engineer

because i liked it... designing... making concept ... it so fun and challenging... and its so colorful ... and it's my child dream... making something...

I was always curious about mechanical engineering topics and if I studied any field except mechanical engineering, I wouldn't enjoy my job. Now I'm familiar with mechanical engineering concepts and I'm not curious about other topics such as software engineering or civil engineering any more. I'm just enjoying my job !!

this wasn't my dream but this has just happened to me, maybe we can call it "destiny". :-P
but it has many advantage for my life. so that, i accept this "destiny" and make it my way.
for improving life, i do combine it with my art side to design, concept, construct, plan, strengthen, analyze, ...
actually, it is my God's choice.

When I was young I always watched the MacGyver in the TV and I wanted to be like that guy. He was awesome. But unfortunately, I didn't found any school of MacGyver, so I became an mechanical enginner.
I like to be in the workshops and help in the making. I like, when I designed something my collegues or my suppliers do it, they give a body for these and I can see to rise these projects.

I was always a gearhead and an artist, which don't always mix. Along the way I became a machinist and began to understand that design is the process of solving problems. And who doesn't want to help solve problems?

It's a job,an interest,meaning of future of human being……

because I was createn to be an engineer :D

I wanted to be an Architect but there wasn't any jobs open in that industry at the time so I went into Engineering instead and never turned back!

I became an Engineer because I always had the dire need to understand how things work. I have always been fasinated on how metal, plastic, and wood can be made into objects that make our lives easier to work and entertain ourselves. Okay, the real reason that I became an engineer was that at an early age I had a cassette recorder that I got for my eighth birthday. And when my mom asked me to borrow it, I had to tell her that I took it apart just to see how it went together. That was the day that my curiousity got the best of me and also my mom's wooden spoon. OUCH!
Been an engineer for four years now and haven't looked back. Lovin' every minute of it!

because without engineer.cnt creat any designe, manufacturing of machine.and proved to be a engineer.

My parents told to choose it & so i four cornered to choose this filed...but now after CAD courses i'm addicted to MECHANICAL...
Machines Rule The World..
We Rule The Machines...

When i left school, i did not want to become an engineer. However, at the end of school we visited some local companies, one of which offered me work. At school i did O level tech drawing (On drawing Boards!) and hated it!! First job - Drawing on old drawing board.
Anyway, drawing, mixed in with fabrication, machining and a good dose of maintainence turned out to be ok, and after about 15 years I ended up designing special purpose machines and enjoying it. 3D CAD helped too!

I always wanted to be a toolmaker, like my father. Ever since I was nine years old I'd go to work with him during holidays and on weekends and sit in toolroom while he worked. I loved the smell of steel and oil and I loved listening to the sounds. This was way before CNC became available and CAD was still a dream for the average guy. As I grew older he taught me more and more and I ended up doing an apprenticeship as a toolmaker with Hella. After I qualified I got more and more involved in CNC and CAD/CAM. Ever since I started my own business I have branched more into other areas of engineering too. Its been a huge learning curve but great fun at the same time.

Toolmaking is a very specific (and rather small) field of engineering. While I am self-taught in other areas, I enjoying the learning process immensely. As 'engineering' is a very dynamic field there is no end to advancements made almost daily. I would be lying if I said I didn't get a lot of satisfaction from knowing how things work above and beyond the average joe.

Ive always been interested in how things work, and ive always wanted be able to build my own race car and bike. I havent built them yet but hopefully one day.

I have a low tolerance for dumb

because we can feeling life points when design any new system or mechanism.or feel it when be can watch modal analyses results.

I was born like this ^^

i wasn't smart enough to be a trash collector

umh , i think if i'm a engineer i'l get a girlfriend easily!
hix hix

When I entered college, I was undecided engineering. I knew either mechanical or electrical.

It took two weeks. I went mechanical because I could see the shit move!

Yeah, as a kid I disassembled engines. I tried to get more power out of the tiller. (I blew it up instead). I was facinated by the house furnace in the basement. But...

I also liked programming and computers. I took programming classes for fun. I wrote programs that graphed analytical funcation. I wrote a computer game in high school (1989) that my teacher was flabbergasted over. I got fired at my part time job for trying to "improve" the cash register.

I was musically inclined. I play several instruments and have an ear for tuning.

Music was my passion, but stuff was my calling.

I also wanted money and a stable job.

So based on my research (1989 style), I went for engineering. Being a hands on guy that liked cars, gears, linkages, and computer, I entered into engineering school.

As I wrote at the top of this piece. Even though the math is the same, you can see the stuff in mechanical, so I went mechanical.

Todos aqui são tratados como engenheiros? Não existe a categoria “projetista” . Desenhista. Eu sou projetista e realizo desenhos para 6 engenheiros. Eu gosto muito de desenhar.

All here are treated as engineers? There is no category "designer". Designer. I am designer and realize designs for 6 engineers. I love to draw.


Please render my F1 Williams then!!