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why do gear mates misalign the teeth?

By d8224b28 on 12 Nov 22:59 3 answers 635 views 3 comments

If i do gear mates and add proper ratios and ad mates if I rotate the gears will be misaligned. why doesnt solidworks keep them in right position?

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3 answers

  • Aled J Taylor
    Aled J Taylor almost 4 years ago

    Suppress the gear mate, rotate a gear to align it, suppress the gear mate.

    If the gear teeth start off aligned and become misaligned as the gears are rotated, you may have a different sized teeth on each gear. Check the 'module' of the gear.

  • d8224b28
    d8224b28 almost 4 years ago

    Big gear 150 teeth small one 21 teeth center to center distance 64.994 mm


    tail_pinon_gear_near_main.SLDPRT, 1.93 MB
    tail_drive_gear.SLDPRT, 5.82 MB
  • Nishant Kumar
    Nishant Kumar almost 4 years ago

    there will be lack of confinement of the gears, to prevent misalignment, after gear mates, sketch a circle on the hub of both gears and then mate these sketches with your gears as concentric. Maybe your problem get resolved.

    Good luck!

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