why do people choose ansys over catia for analysis?

I need to know the difference between ansys and catia analysis reports along with world wide it's acceptability.
I have attached my front bulkhead analysis report (please check this out , it might clear ur doubts).

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Ansys is a lot more capable than CATIA analysis out of the box.

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CATIA is (Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application) which is commonly known as a multi platform CAD software designed by Dassult Systems and marketed by IBM. CATIA is good to be used in surface modelling cars, aero-planes, high end products, etc.

ANSYS is a Mechanical software which gives control over Finite Element Analysis (FEA) thus, this software is commonly used in structural analysis, dynamic,linear and non linear studies.

I assume that the recognition is the same but carrying out the analysis of the project via ANSYS is pretty much better than CATIA since, it gives you opportunity to do much more than that the CATIA software allows you to.

Hope you got answer for your question.

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Any FEA analysis, its need fine Mesh for better solution and you can achieve good quality mesh by the help of element discretization, whereas a better solution can gives you an approximate result. In catia, GSA workbench can generate mesh but its not a very fine quality like quad or brick mesh(for complex part model) compare to other FEA software like ANSYS, MSC PATRAN NASTRAN , HYPERMESH etc. Therefore CAE engineers and Industries mostly focus on good quality mash for batter output.

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