Why do tags not match model type

One could argue that the whole reason for GrabCad is to find files of certain types. Yet, a search for (example) CATIA V6 brings up a ton of matches. But VERY few are CATIA V6. They are just about anything but CATIA V6.

It appears that people are using the tags to describe what the originating software was (but that seems unlikely since many are tagged with about every CAD there is) but the file is an IGES export for instance. This makes it virtually impossible to find actual files of the type you are looking for.

Am I totally missing the reason for this site?

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2 Answers

You have a very good question, John. I'm curious about that myself.

But why did you choose "CATIA" for the software, when your question really has nothing to do with that

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Just happened to be what I was looking for today. I need a couple of CATIA V6 files (some kind of mechanically things) to use for testing CAD import.

If it had been a couple weeks ago, I may have asked about a different CAD software.

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